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Monday, March 28, 2011

Flavor = Goodness! Fried Chicken Flavors!

Yep, flavor equals goodness and I don't believe in cooking without flavor, even if it is simply salt and pepper. The simplest thing can be "The best _____ I have ever had" I'm telling you, the trick to my wonderful dishes is ample flavor. Don't be afraid to pile it on and taste as you go.

So one of the big winners in my house is Fried chicken. Who doesn't love fried chicken right? Well, I would say my big secret for my flavorful chicken is lots of delicious spices. There are multiple ways you can coat your chicken, flour, bread crumbs, and even those panko thinks everyone loves so much. I havent used them yet (I am sure I will) but I use good ole Flour and egg with my chicken coating and I spend a little time preparing the flour.
 Ok, so what do I do to this flour right? Get to the point already? LOL Ok Ok
I take a couple cups of regular flour and I put it in a bowl.
To this, I add ample amounts of the following flavors
Garlic Salt
Season Salt
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Usually it's a good few heaping spoonfuls of each spice and mix it all through that flour.
Then, when it's time to coat the chicken, I first dust it in this flour mixture, then I dunk it in the egg mixture, then back into this flavorful four mixture.
Yum Yum, it turns out so flavorful.

Do not beware of the spices, they are your friend when cooking! Want to add a kick to your chicken, add a couple teaspoons of cayenne pepper to your flour and feel the kick!

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