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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cooking Made Simple!

Look, just because I love to cook, doesn't mean I always have TIME to cook. Those of you who know me, know what kind of schedule I have, those of you that don't, let's just say I'm always moving! Yesterday was one of those extra busy day's. A huge History paper due as well as my Monthly The Pampered Chef Meeting last night. So not having any time in the kitchen didn't mean we had a crappy dinner. We didn't even have fast food. Just simple food! Last nights creation had one key ingredient, ... my Crock Pot! Ok Ok, some of you are saying, "I still dont have time to get everything prepared for this crock pot meal" But for this meal, that is just not the case! Super Easy, Super fast, and then set it and forget it? Im probably stealing but lets get to the good stuff. 
What did I cook? White bean chicken chili with some corn bread muffins. YUM. Number of ingredients for the chili... 3. Here you have it, super easy, super good, a bit spicy. 
Check out your grocery store's Spice Aisle. You know that section right next to the spices that has all the easy packets of seasonings you can buy for stew, chili, gravy, you name it? Find this packet. White Bean chicken Chili, or White Bean Chili.

I bought two of these packets, about two pounds of chicken breasts, and two to three cans of white beans. 
Here's how long it took me to put it together. 10 minutes.  

Simply cut up your chicken into bite size pieces, throw them in a large covered skillet and brown them up. Keep the cover on and they will cook faster. Once cooked you can simply throw them into the crock pot with the cans of beans, season packet and then a little bit of water and let it cook. Super easy, super fast, I was then free to finish working on the super fun task of my history paper. :/

If any of you are wondering how my husband took having zucchini in his stir fry the other night, it was no problemo! Another great way to get kids, and even husbands, to eat their veggies is to cover them in yummy sauces. ;)

As far as today's adventures, I have quite a full plate,.. haha.. plate. That was a good one. More like my kitchen duties are to the max. In the kitchen now are two red velvet cakes cooling. I am about to make a new recipe and hope to share it with my friends soon, assuming everything turns out ok. Time for something sweet since I am not much of a baker and I found the perfect item for me to tackle, Red Velvet Cheesecake Pops. 
I heard someone say "Do what?" I know I did!  haha. 
Yeppers, Red Velvet cheesecake pops. Red Velvet cake, ground up and mixed with cream cheese frosting, then formed into balls and cools. The covered in a layer of cheesecake, then dusted with graham crackers or nuts, then dipped in white chocolate. Yes, Layer upon Layer of deliciousness. Not to mention, tonight is yet again curry night. Beef curry on the menu for dinner and the husband already has a couple work buddies coming to eat dinner. Busy me, but I love it. If the recipe for these pops turn out, I will definitley post it to you all. Wish me luck and happy cooking!


  1. Please turn out good, please turn out good, please turn out good.....oh, by the way, I'm willing to drive to your house to sample them and give my opinions. Hahahaha. ;)

  2. Ahahaha. Good Jocelyn, I will text you when they are done!!